No one's gonna love you more than I do

So I am in Colorado and waiting for a huge snowstorm to hit. It's supposed to be the biggest one of the year. I am so excited. This vacation has been amazing. Here is a summary of my days here so far:

Saturday: Fly in, eat lunch with my cousin Kati and her friends in the city and spend time with my uncle and aunt. Bake a ton of snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies for my poor touring friends.

Sunday: In the city all day with the Kati. We parked next to an awesome "adult arcade." The mannequin in the display was a female with a stache and a stogie. My dream lady. Ryan and the rest of bleeding through made it safely to Denver so I got to hang out with him a bunch and he gave me vintage Star Wars sheets from '79. He is rising to the top of my favorite people list. We ate at the first Chipotle ever so I can check that off of my list of things to do before I die. Wandered around the city, watched tv on the bus and watched Doom and BT play. Such a fun night. Sad to say goodbye to them, but alas, they will be home Saturday.

Monday: Stayed in Boulder, my cousin's college town. I had breakfast at a beautiful Tibetan tea house then we went on a windy cold hike. After that we made a last minute trip to Goldenkey ski resort where I saw tons of snow. We went over a really scary pass that had so much snow falling that there were points where you couldn't see past the windshield. Thank Jeezy Kati is an expert snow driver. That night we watched a documentary called Haze about a boy that died of alcohol poisoning during a frat hazing at CU. It made me really sad, just another reason I don't drink.

Tuesday: Woke up late and walked all around Pearl street in Boulder. There are a ton of cool stores on the street and I furthered my new hot tea addiction. Suprisingly my only purchase on that trip was a pack of different styled stick on staches. Then we ate at Noodles. We both got pesto that was laced with weed, I'm almost positive. I felt so sick and basically like I was high after eating there. Miserable. Then we went to an acoustic show where guys from The Academy Is and The Providence played. It was quite enjoyable even though my heart threw a fit and I got violently dizzy at a point.

Wednesday: Today I woke up super late and went to the mall with my aunt and uncle. I got an amazing jacket that I plan on lining with the Star wars fitted sheet that Ryan gave to me. Gonna be my favorite jacket. Now I am laying in bed feeling ill again and waiting for snow. And a chipotle lime crusted tilapia is currently being cooked for me by my wonderful uncle.

Okay this entry was super long. But I figure I can look back on it when I'm old and remember my trip... If I can remember my user name and password haha.


Break my heart for what breaks yours

Today was a success for the most part. Woke up, did some laundry and took Bruiser for a walk. Then my mom and dad came out from Corona to eat at Whole Foods with me. My dad is a huge fan of all the organic, vegan and vegetarian food options I have available near my apartment. I had a yummy vegan curry chicken sangwich. It really hit the spot. I then hunted down supplies for making my own dream catcher even though I won't have time to make it for weeks. The rest of the day I spent do all the little things you have to do before vacation. Pretty sure I overpacked for my Colorado trip but oh well. Saturday morning I'll be in Denver!!! Had a sad conversation with someone I love dearly, now I have a headache and puffy eyes from crying. I put in eyedrops, took some ibuprofen and downed a bunch of water to try and reverse that. As for now, I'm going to watch Best in Show, sleep and work tomorrow. Is it wrong that I want to be called off the day before I leave for vacation??

It's a first...kinda

Okay so here it is. My first blog since I was probably about 16. Is it sad that I'm kind of excited? I am going to have to do some major lurking to find people to add to my blog.... if you can even do that. I'm really not that internet savvy but I know I can figure it out. I think I might make it a goal to update this pretty little baby twice a week.

As for now, how do I make this thing fancy?