Break my heart for what breaks yours

Today was a success for the most part. Woke up, did some laundry and took Bruiser for a walk. Then my mom and dad came out from Corona to eat at Whole Foods with me. My dad is a huge fan of all the organic, vegan and vegetarian food options I have available near my apartment. I had a yummy vegan curry chicken sangwich. It really hit the spot. I then hunted down supplies for making my own dream catcher even though I won't have time to make it for weeks. The rest of the day I spent do all the little things you have to do before vacation. Pretty sure I overpacked for my Colorado trip but oh well. Saturday morning I'll be in Denver!!! Had a sad conversation with someone I love dearly, now I have a headache and puffy eyes from crying. I put in eyedrops, took some ibuprofen and downed a bunch of water to try and reverse that. As for now, I'm going to watch Best in Show, sleep and work tomorrow. Is it wrong that I want to be called off the day before I leave for vacation??

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