I don't go to sleep to dream

Been having weird/bad dreams again. When Ryan leaves for Europe I am so making my dream catcher finally. I need a new one, my current one clearly has bad juju. I'm going camping tomorrow and I can not wait. Even if it rains, it's gonna be a great time. Now I just need to figure out what to do with Bruiser while I'm gone. Dogs can be such a hassle haha.

So, facedown fest was pretty awesome this year. I got there around 830 each night, but I saw all the bands I wanted to see. And each night I got a nice back massage after. I needed them because I am an old woman and my shoulders and back kill after shows. I was especially beat Saturday when I had already worked 12 1/2 hours that day.

I am going to a funeral this afternoon for a patient of mine that passed away. This will be the first of many patient funerals I am guaranteed to attend in my career. It's been really depressing around work since Friday February 13th. I mean there are good days, don't get me wrong. But all in all we've been losing a lot of kids and it's super sad.
I can not even describe how excited I am to get out into the woods and turn off my phone, hike, cook food over the fire and possibly fight some mountain lions.

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