Be still my beating heart

Friday afternoons with my niece and nephew are awesome. Even when I go to Micheal's to get us crafts to do and they lose interest in under 5 minutes. At least they're entertained by photobooth. They obviously take after me.


She put on happiness like a loose dress over pain I'll never know

I don't think it will ever become easy to find out that someone you know passed away.

I spent four years of hell-ish college with Jen. We took pre-requistes together and suffered through three years of nursing school together. I showed up at her house with my fake boobs for my maternal-newborn presentation... all I had on was the fake boobs and shorts. Jen graduated with a double major in psyhcology and nursing. She moved to Florida after graduating with her Bachelors and was working on her phD in psychology. I studied with her, nearly got kicked out of nursing school with her (false plagarism accusation) and burned my nursing uniforms with her when we were done with college. This weekend Jen took her own life. My heart goes out to her family and friends.



Now this is what I call a Saturday night

Just finished making vegan cupcakes for Los' 23rd birthday tomorrow. They're cooling and I'll frost them tomorrow.

Now I'm going to get in my pjs, watch The Little Mermaid while cuddling with Bruiser and Hank.

Then I'm going to read some.... Twilight. Yah, I'm trying really hard to read the series. I am so mad at nursing school. Before college I could read a book in a day or two if I wanted. I LOVED reading. Now, after being forced to read 100s of pages a week of nursing text I find myself unable to read for fun. I have no ability to concentrate, soooo frustrating.

Have I ever mentioned how wonderful my little sister is?