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Sparrows, pearls and flowers

Virgin Mary and antique glass leafs.

I can't stop. I love making jewelry so much. Let me know if you would like me to make you anything. I will gladly do it for just the cost of the pieces.



I fell in love with the snake toggle set. Still trying to figure out what to add to it though.

Wrap bracelet made with memory wire and matching earrings for Ryan's mom. I made a very similar set for my mom too.

15 inch stone and bone necklace made for Chelsea (who is obsessed with bones).

Choker made with acrylic flowers, toggle and sparrow charm for Ryan's sister. I must admit, I got the inspiration for this one from an etsy store, hopefully I can re-find it and post a link.


Another year...

Another amazing Christmas outfit for Bruiser


Getting me through

I wish I could video chat with Ryan every night when he's on tour, but no. I'm just being spoiled because he's recording and has steady internet. Clearly Bruiser is an avid participator.


By bye butterfly

"A butterfly lights beside us, like a sunbeam and for a brief moment it's glory and beauty belong to our world but then it flies on again, and although we wish it could have stayed, we are so thankful to have seen it at all."