Laundry day

I normally LOVE doing laundry. However, now that I do not have a washer/dryer in my apartment I have found myself waiting until the last minute to do it and then having literally 9 loads to do. How does one person even have that much laundry?

Today in the laundry room my direct next door neighbor was folding her towels when I walked in. Her name is Anita and this is about the 10th time that I have "met" her since the day I moved in. She has even come to my door a few times, zero memory whatsoever. Anita is a seriously long talker, I had to inch towards the door to escape. As I walked out she exclaimed "It was SO nice to meet you!" Poor poor lady.

Can I just gripe about my biggest public laundry pet peeve? I HATE having to clean a complete stranger's lint out of the lint trap. All their hairs are stuck in there and who know where the lint has come from. Grosses me out every time.


I have the most attractive son

Hands down, Bruiser is the most handsome dog I have ever encountered.


Well, it finally happened

I knew the day would come but I still hoped against all hope that it actually never would. Yesterday at 7:05pm, I passed out at work thanks to my heart. Around 6pm I could feel my PVCs and PACs really going more than usual, I was nauseous, a bit short of breath and on top of it I had a migraine starting. Around 6:55 I was sitting outside my patients' rooms listening to my own heartbeat with my stethoscope. Of course one of the parents is a doctor who saw me lisetning to myself. I laughed and explained that I have arrythmias and was just listening to them. He jokingly said "Don't go syncopal on us!" Aka "Don't pass out." Welp, sorry, 1o minutes later I felt myself going in and out of conciousness and next thing I know I'm on the floor with 1o people around me, hooked up to a monitor having a code blue called on me. I was crying and totally confused and completely embarrased. They made me go on a backboard to protect my spine because I hit my head on the floor, jammed an IV in me, started oxygen and whisked me away to the ER. SO EMBARRASING. In the ER I still had to give report on my 2 patients to the night nurse haha. Then they checked my blood, did a drug screen (of course, since I give narcotics all day long), did an EKG, orthostatic blood pressures and a neurological exam. The only thing that was abnormal was my EKG which showed Right Bundle Branch Block (RBBB), arrythmias and some wave abnormalities, all things I already knew. So by 1045 I was on my home with the only answer being that I have pretty bad vasovagal syndrome. So I guess this is what I have to look forward to for many years to come!! I've already talked to 2 of my managers this morning, and I just realized I didn't clock out last night haha.


I am slowly losing faith

I would not wish what I've just witnessed to be witnessed by even my worst enemy. I am heartbroken, angry, confused, sick to my stomach and faithless right now. I have never wanted (but not been able to) so badly to hold a child closely and hope that they can feel the love from me that every child deserves to feel. I am broken.