Laundry day

I normally LOVE doing laundry. However, now that I do not have a washer/dryer in my apartment I have found myself waiting until the last minute to do it and then having literally 9 loads to do. How does one person even have that much laundry?

Today in the laundry room my direct next door neighbor was folding her towels when I walked in. Her name is Anita and this is about the 10th time that I have "met" her since the day I moved in. She has even come to my door a few times, zero memory whatsoever. Anita is a seriously long talker, I had to inch towards the door to escape. As I walked out she exclaimed "It was SO nice to meet you!" Poor poor lady.

Can I just gripe about my biggest public laundry pet peeve? I HATE having to clean a complete stranger's lint out of the lint trap. All their hairs are stuck in there and who know where the lint has come from. Grosses me out every time.

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