Budget & Saving, Saving & Budget

I have a new plan to try and get myself to save more and spend less. I feel like I have been wasting so much money on things I do not need (one big one is Starbucks). So, I have this new plan to withdraw X amount of dollars every week and have that be my spending money, groceries included. I'm only allowing myself to use the money in my bank account for bills and of course for savings. I have never been a cash carrying type of person, I just swipe my debit card and then stress about my bank account later when I see all the little things added up. I'm hoping this plan works because, seriously, I have failed in the last few months at saving any amount of money.

The biggest money suck is that I live by myself so all of the rent and all of the bills completely land on my shoulders. I am already looking and hoping to rent a house in the Tustin/Irvine area this summer and would want 1-2 roommates, sooooo if you know any reliable friends that are interested in living in that area please let me know!


  1. i have a girlfriend who needs a place to live in Orange county in about a month. how soon are you looking for a roommate?

  2. Well, unfortunately my lease for my apartment isn't up until July 31st. If she's still looking closer to that time I will be hitting you up!

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