1 Peter 4:10

"Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve 
Since I was a child I wanted to go into the medical field, 
I knew it was my gift, my talent and my purpose. I have been
working as a nurse now for almost 2 years and I have 
anxiously awaited having exactly 2 years experience under my 
belt. This is the amount of time all mission groups require
for their volunteers. SO yesterday I started filling out my 
application with Operation Smile , a not for profit 
organization that takes groups of medical teams to all over 
the world to fix cleft lips and pallates- for free. On the 
list of trips left in 2010 include: Vietnam, Cambodia, 
Egypt, Bolivia, Ecuador, Thailand, Kenya, China, and Brazil
just to name a few. The trips are usually 7-10 days including
travel and packed with a lot of hard work. I fully subscribe
to the thought behind 1 Peter 4:10. Our gifts are God given 
and are not to be selfishly kept to ourselves. I want to 
serve every cornerof the world, walking away with humble 
gratitude and hopefully some life-long memories.

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  1. Well done you! You are a wonderful person.

    I'm so selfish in that I don't do anything to help people bar dontate to charity. I should be more helpful like you! x