It's growing up season

Never in my life have I been surrounded by so many friends that are becoming what I like to call real life adults. Every month I'm getting news that someone is: getting hitched, graduating from college or having a baby. Here's the recent list:

Sam and Alexis are my two best friends from nursing school and they are both pregnant. Sam and her husband are having a girl, Madison Rose, in August and Alexis and her hubby just found out she is having a boy (I guessed it!), Andinn Ryder, in November. Both are having their babies within days of their own birthdays!

(Sam, myself, Alexis)

My sister graduated college 2 weeks ago with her BA. Let me digress by stating that this has been a long hard road for her. She went straight to college after high school, stopped going, became pregnant, got married, started over at community college, got laid off of her job at 8 months pregnant, had Cathryn, later had Houston, later got divorced, has learned how to raise my niece and nephew separate from their dad and all the while pursued her education. The pride I have in my sister is far greater than the pride I have in myself for completing my degree and starting my career, I did not meet and overcome ANY of the challenges she did. Sister love.

(Middle, big, little)

My best friend at work (my bfaw) Shannon is getting married on October 24th to her fiancee Josh. I got this news while I was in the UK but now it's becoming so much closer and so much more exciting. It seems like just yesterday we were sitting at work wondering out loud to each other why neither of us had boyfriends, because we're obviously too awesome to be single. Now she's booking photographers and stressing over not being able to find a dj! The joys of planning a wedding! SO excited for their wedding.


Another very good friend from nursing school, who was a quarter behind me is my friend Scotty. He and his wife Devin got hitched last May. I recently bought a Wii from them. Yesterday Scotty dropped off the Wii Fit board for me at work, oh and he told me that they are pregnant!!! I made SUCH a scene outside of work. They are going to be such great parents, and their kid (or maybe kidS, what if its twins?!?!) is going to be way cute.

(Scott and I...excuse my face)

This isn't even including all the other girls at work who are pregnant, engaged, just had babies, etc. Come on, who's next?!

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