Love is greater

Today so far has been a big reminder of what a great relationship I am. Ryan makes me feel so appreciated and respected every single day. He never questions why work sometimes has to come first (even when I cut weekend nights short because I have work the next day.) He loves how hard I work and is so understanding when I have rough day. There have been multiple times where we had plans of some sort after work and my patient ends up passing away that day. On these days I am usually exhausted to the point that all I can do is walk Bruiser and then melt into my bed when I get home, fall asleep by 830pm, wake up crying from rough dreams about my day and then be useless the next day. He never complains that our plans change or that I just need a day to recover, he just stays by my side. He is never obsessed with wanting to hear about what happened or how the child died, he lays by me in silence and listens quietly when I feel like talking. 

He makes fun of me for loving running and working out but he loves that I care about myself enough to want to take care of my body. My family loves him and misses him when he is gone. My niece and nephew are constantly putting rub on tattoos on their arms, legs and hands because they want to be like him. Every time Houston wears flannel he says that he is Ryan. He is going to be one amazing father someday and that's probably because he has an amazing family. I mean, who doesn't love Mombacher? He has shown me what it means to love and respect one another in a relationship, the meaning of patience and kindness. All of these things completely lacked in any other relationship I have been in. 

(In Glasgow, Scotland)

This was originally going to be a rant post, but I decided to go another direction with it because who needs to read about a bunch of negativity, frustration and anger?

Love > any other emotion

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