The slow transformation

Sounds like I have something really deep to blog about, eh? No, no. It is about my transformation into a chipmunk face.

Yesterday morning I had all four impacted wisdom teeth removed. I had a really good experience, much to my surprise. They started me off with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) I only lasted about 5 minutes with it before I started to feel extremely anxious. I haven't had any sort of alcohol in years and have never taken any sort of pain medicine beyond Tylenol/ibuprofen. SO, when I started to get the loopy, out of body, out control, trouble talking feeling I started to become anxious. I asked them to turn it off, they did and I immediately felt a thousand times better. Next the oral surgeon came in, I asked him what sedation they use (he figured out at that point that I work in the medical field) and he explained that he uses versed, fentanyl, propofol and sometimes valium. All medicines I use on a near daily basis for my patient's when we do procedures in the room. Totally comfortable, totally calm. He then attempted my IV, took 3 tries but I didn't mind.  I think they are used to doing that after the patient is passed out from the Nitrous, so with me being awake and a nurse he was nervous. Then he gave me versed and I was off to la la land. I woke up once during the procedure but I didn't feel anything and just went back to sleep.  Next thing I remember is walking to my apartment. Ryan is sad that I didn't let him tape me waking up. (I was afraid I'd be a crier or a fighter, turned out I was a comedian) I don't remember but he says I: was impressed with every painting and tool, proposed to him but got upset because I couldn't do it properly by getting down on one knee, stared at my tongue a lot, forced him to "feel" how numb my chin felt, was extremely thankful for my packing gauze and was all around smiley. Fun times. I had an easy first day. Took a total of 3 half tabs of vicodin but have mainly been relying on ice packs and extra strength ibuprofen.

My mom came out with potato soup, made home made lentil soup while she was here, cleaned my kitchen, bathrooom, took out my trash and walked Bruiser multiple times. I love my mom.

Now today, the swelling starts. Chipmunk status here I come! P.S. You can see below my lips the abrasions from whatever they used to hold my mouth open. Wasn't expecting that.


  1. at least you'll be a cute chipmunk!

  2. oh dear! I'm due all 4 out soon, and I'm not looking forward to my chipmunk head!

    Hope you feel better soon x

  3. Oh I am having all four out next month. I want to cry now.