Why not be utterly changed into fire?

I could go on all day and night and probably another day about how much I appreciate the band mewithoutYou. This is a band I HATED the first time I ever listened to them. Luckily my friend that introduced me to their first full length album [A-->B] Life encouraged me to go home and listen through it while reading the lyrics. My life was changed. 

Lyrically, I do not think anyone could ever surpass the intelligence, meaning, passion and even mystery in every word of every song. Words so beautiful that songs I've been listening to for six or so years still bring tears to my eyes and make my heart sky high. Aaron speaks and writes from his heart, he is genuinely brilliant.

Another little thing I love about them is that when they play live they play from every album. So many bands play one or two 'old' songs and everything else is from their newest release in promotion of just that. MewithoutYou seems to play their sets with the recognition that to many fans, each cd is as equally loved as the one before and after. They take you through their history during every set and everyone in the room walks away so satisfied. 

Lets just say, bands like this are the reason I love music as much as I do. I'll leave you with this lyrics from the song Silencer on [A-->B] Life

Don't waste your lips on words I've heard before
Kiss my tired head.
And each letter written wastes your hand, young man
Come and lead me to your bed
You gave me hope that I'd not lost her
And then thought it rather strange to see me smile-
as I don't do too much smiling these days.

She put on happiness like a loose dress
Over pain I'll never know
"So the peace you had," she says,
"I must confess, I'm glad to see it go."
We're two white roses lying frozen just outside his door
I've made you so happy and so sad,
But which should I be more sorry for?

Come kiss my face goodbye,
that space below my eye and above my cheek
Cause I'm faint and fading fast, I see a darkness
And I shall be released.
I'll pass like a fever from this body,
And softly slip into his hands
I tried to love you and I failed,
But I have another plan.

My Lord, how long to sing this song?
And my Lord, how much more of this pretending to be strong?
When she stands before your throne
Dressed in beauty not her own
All soft and small, you'll hear her call
"you brought me here, now take me home."

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  1. !#$@% My favorite band EVER! I am seeing them tomorrow night. Catch for us the Foxes in my favorite album there. Every word is sooo packed full, I could spend years unpacking a single line. Aaron Weiss is a wise man and has so much to say. I love watching/reading interviews with him (when I can't actually see him speak live) because he has the most wonderful, brilliant things to say. I. Loved. This. Post. They're the best.