They named it San Diego...

Ryan, Bruiser and I escaped to San Diego for a 2 night celecation. (Celebration + Vacation, lets make that phrase happen). I named my own price on priceline.com and it really worked out!!


Bruiser was beyond excited to be in the hotel 


We are absolutely horrible at remembering to bring the camera places and equally as horrible at remembering to take pictures when we have it. The first night we walked all around Old Town San Diego, ate some good Mexican food and managed not to buy anything. That night we sat around in the spa and watched some cable television

The next morning we paid way too much for bagels and then headed off to the Wild Animal Park. It was 106 degrees. I hardly remember any of that day haha. Side note: I am not a fan of 'zoos' they make me depressed, especially when they are in the middle of cities (i.e. Los Angeles). I like the Wild Animal Park because it is so much more open and their sole intention is to mate animals and conserve endangered species. We headed back to our hotel in Mission Bay, ate at Santana's and rented a movie.

On our last morning we went kayaking around the bay and hung out with seals! It was awesome and perfect weather, none of us wanted to leave!


ChristWire.org Christian Insanity or Christian Satire?

So I was reading this article on Huffington Post two nights ago. It is a totally ridiculous list of signs that your husband might be gay taken from a website ChristWire. Huffpost was obviously pointing out how insane this list is, and trust me, it is!

Of course, I was totally intrigued and had to check out this website some more. In it, I read an article on how corrupt the show Glee is. Also, there's a direct quote and a study called "The Golden Girls: How One TV Show Turned a Generation of American Boys Into Homosexuals"

Mainly, the website is appearing to be a complete right wing, conservative Christian, fear breeding, homosexual hating, war on terror supporting, misinformed website. I read through some of these articles in complete disbelief for about an hour. Finally, the thought occurred to me that this website HAS to be a satire like The Onion. There is no way that these thoughts and conspiracy theories can be truly supported!

I kept reading. People can write comments on the articles, people can "like" the articles via facebook. As I perused through the comments it became very clear that this website has to be satirical. Then I looked through some of the articles, even just the titles and there's no way this can be serious! I got over my intitial sadness over these misinformed messages and laughed at myself for falling for it.

As I've thought about it over the last few days I became kind of upset! There are people commenting on these articles who truly support the thoughts and 'facts' that are written about. People that "hate bean dippers" (Mexicans) and that believe "Homosexual contact is common in the “wet” areas of health clubs and spas." Basically, even though this whole site is supposed to be a joke, it is in a backwards way reinforcing the beliefs of the people who it's meant to poke fun at. Some of these folks feel validated, supported and probably even pass on these articles to other people who would support these ridiculous thoughts.

Is it not upsetting that these 'jokes' are based on true conservative fears? I know EXTREMELY nice couples that won't ever enroll their children in public schools because (and I quote) "starting in kindergarten public schools teach students that homosexuality is okay." UM. What? I asked if maybe they have been misinformed. Maybe schools teach to LOVE and ACCEPT EVERYONE. You know, a concept that Jesus preached? I left the conversation with this couple and cried. My heart hurts with the thought of people fearing acceptance and equality and breeding this fear in their children. This is just an example of someone I personally know that would look at some of the articles on christwire.org and SUPPORT it. Completely not realizing it is meant to be a satire. My heart breaks, there is no other way I can describe it.


Save Your Scissors

I met with my neurologist for the first time today and two things have come from this:
1) He wants me to eat more salt... how often do you hear someone say that? Doing this could help me retain more water and maybe help my blood pressure. So, the plan is for me to get the nutritional value menu from restaurants and pick out the worst, most sodium packed item on the menu. Hahah, I don't know how my compliance will be on this one. I buy everything unsalted even butter!

2) I am going to be scheduled for an EEG to look at the electrical activity in my brain.

If nothing comes of this then I will probably be done. No more tests, no more doctors visits. No answers. Fine by me as long as I live a long and happy life.

After my appointment today I went down the street to license Bruiser with Orange County. This of course was done at an animal shelter so I had to go look at the dogs. Emotional break down/cry fest number one. Yes, tears were actually streaming down my face in public. My heart just breaks seeing all of these cute animals begging to be let out, knowing that so many of them will be euthanized before finding a home. I was a hot mess, make-up and nose running. Guh.

I then went home and received an email regarding the Boston Terrier that I put in an application to rescue from Boston Buddies. I am being denied the application process because I am 3 months away from being 25. Emotional breakdown/cry fest number two. There are not too many things more offensive to me than someone not knowing me AT ALL and telling me that because I'm 24 that I am not a responsible adult. Hellllllo, I am a Registered Nurse and have been for 2 years! I take care of critically ill children! I live on my own, pay my bills and am completely self-sufficient! I have raised Bruiser by myself from a puppy for the last four years! My real frustration is that I am being denied the interview and home visit required to even meet the dog, there are SO many people over the age of 25 who would not give these dogs a good home! Trust me, I told them all of this in a very nice and respectful e-mail response.


So far this "summer"

I say "summer" because the weather hasn't been all that great near the beach! None the less, here is what I have been up to:

Dog beach #1

Hiking Holy Jim's with mom and dad on the only hot day so far... of course

Little Corona Del Mar with C, H and B

OC Fair

Go Pro camera fun

Sleep overs 

Paint balling for Brandan's 30th

Teaching Bruiser to ride in the basket of my bike

Dog beach #2

Attempting to adopt this little guy. A rescued 6 year old Boston. He only weighs 13 pounds!

It's been a nice summer. Not too crazy at work, not to crazy hot, lots of beach and outside-ness despite the weather. Forever my favorite season.


Don't be afraid of Him. Be still.

Updates on my health.

The heart monitor I wore two weeks ago shows vast improvements in the amount of arrhythmias I am having, such good news! Also, the majority of what I am having is the less dangerous version! I am so happy about this and it has taken a lot of worry off of my shoulders regarding the health of my heart. 

None the less, I'm frustrated, worried and have no idea if there will ever be answers as to what is causing all my grief. It is now a real concern that I'm having seizures. Also, it's been brought to my attention how concerning it is that ALL of my migraines (which are about 4-5/month) are on my right side. I didn't know until this week that migraines should alternate sides fairly equally. I couldn't tell you the last time I had a left sided migraine, it's been that long. What it comes down to is that I have an appointment with a neurologist this Thursday. I am expecting him to help me rule out seizures through an EEG and also for at least a CT scan if not a MRI to ensure that I do not have an abnormalities in my brain structure that could be causing problems. I don't think I'm ready to talk yet about what those abnormalities could be, because I'm making a conscious effort to push it aside and go forward until some tests have been done. Honestly, I'm scared and this is the easiest venue for me to admit that. I'm tired of worrying people around me. So I just want answers, hoping that those answers are that everything is okay so the people that care about me can rest more easily. By the way, the neurologist could totally take away my driver's license! That's another resounding questions from people around me... should I be driving?

Also on a side note, I'm not sure what to do because Ryan starts touring again this weekend. He has been with me just about every moment that I'm not at work in case anything happens. This has allowed my parents to be less worried about me, since I'm basically never alone. Come on, who wants to be my roommate?! Your only responsibility would be to make sure I am awake every morning and that I'm not passing out/blacking out/seizing endlessly and hurting myself! I'm totally gonna put that in a Craigslist post.