Don't be afraid of Him. Be still.

Updates on my health.

The heart monitor I wore two weeks ago shows vast improvements in the amount of arrhythmias I am having, such good news! Also, the majority of what I am having is the less dangerous version! I am so happy about this and it has taken a lot of worry off of my shoulders regarding the health of my heart. 

None the less, I'm frustrated, worried and have no idea if there will ever be answers as to what is causing all my grief. It is now a real concern that I'm having seizures. Also, it's been brought to my attention how concerning it is that ALL of my migraines (which are about 4-5/month) are on my right side. I didn't know until this week that migraines should alternate sides fairly equally. I couldn't tell you the last time I had a left sided migraine, it's been that long. What it comes down to is that I have an appointment with a neurologist this Thursday. I am expecting him to help me rule out seizures through an EEG and also for at least a CT scan if not a MRI to ensure that I do not have an abnormalities in my brain structure that could be causing problems. I don't think I'm ready to talk yet about what those abnormalities could be, because I'm making a conscious effort to push it aside and go forward until some tests have been done. Honestly, I'm scared and this is the easiest venue for me to admit that. I'm tired of worrying people around me. So I just want answers, hoping that those answers are that everything is okay so the people that care about me can rest more easily. By the way, the neurologist could totally take away my driver's license! That's another resounding questions from people around me... should I be driving?

Also on a side note, I'm not sure what to do because Ryan starts touring again this weekend. He has been with me just about every moment that I'm not at work in case anything happens. This has allowed my parents to be less worried about me, since I'm basically never alone. Come on, who wants to be my roommate?! Your only responsibility would be to make sure I am awake every morning and that I'm not passing out/blacking out/seizing endlessly and hurting myself! I'm totally gonna put that in a Craigslist post.


  1. aww kristin i love you if you need anything let me know! im down to spend time with you on my days off and cradle you to sleep! hahah but no seriously i will if you need anything at all . dont hesitate. <3

  2. I'm glad things aren't as bad as before, but hope you get better soon! Must be scary, wondering if you're gonna pass out at any minute! I hope someone takes you up on the roomie offer!