So far this "summer"

I say "summer" because the weather hasn't been all that great near the beach! None the less, here is what I have been up to:

Dog beach #1

Hiking Holy Jim's with mom and dad on the only hot day so far... of course

Little Corona Del Mar with C, H and B

OC Fair

Go Pro camera fun

Sleep overs 

Paint balling for Brandan's 30th

Teaching Bruiser to ride in the basket of my bike

Dog beach #2

Attempting to adopt this little guy. A rescued 6 year old Boston. He only weighs 13 pounds!

It's been a nice summer. Not too crazy at work, not to crazy hot, lots of beach and outside-ness despite the weather. Forever my favorite season.


  1. hope you get to adopt him, hes adorable!!!!

  2. Holy cute! I want a boston so bad, my brother has one and it is the cutest, funniest thing on the planet.

    I found your blog on The Doe or the Deer's link up, I love it!