They named it San Diego...

Ryan, Bruiser and I escaped to San Diego for a 2 night celecation. (Celebration + Vacation, lets make that phrase happen). I named my own price on priceline.com and it really worked out!!


Bruiser was beyond excited to be in the hotel 


We are absolutely horrible at remembering to bring the camera places and equally as horrible at remembering to take pictures when we have it. The first night we walked all around Old Town San Diego, ate some good Mexican food and managed not to buy anything. That night we sat around in the spa and watched some cable television

The next morning we paid way too much for bagels and then headed off to the Wild Animal Park. It was 106 degrees. I hardly remember any of that day haha. Side note: I am not a fan of 'zoos' they make me depressed, especially when they are in the middle of cities (i.e. Los Angeles). I like the Wild Animal Park because it is so much more open and their sole intention is to mate animals and conserve endangered species. We headed back to our hotel in Mission Bay, ate at Santana's and rented a movie.

On our last morning we went kayaking around the bay and hung out with seals! It was awesome and perfect weather, none of us wanted to leave!

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