Happy Labor Day, our economy sucks

Do you still celebrate labor day if you're one of the victims of America's current unemployment rates? Just a thought. Have you heard what this time in American history is being referred to as? The Great Recession.  It rhymes with the Great Depression, how creative right?

Since I'm not feeling the celebration I thought I'd take a moment to point out some of the things I've experienced lately at work that make me feel anti-laboring:
-I got not just yelled at but screamed at by a doctor for nothing. In what other work environment is this allowed?
-I messed up on a report of death. Yes, I report the death of children. No reason to celebrate that.
-Received a write up four months after the fact. All I could think when reading the paper was "I can't fucking believe someone took the time to write this up." That's how ridiculous it was.
-I asked a visitor is she was my patient's grandma. She wasn't, she was her Aunt. That's on the same level as asking a woman how far along they are when they're not pregnant.
-I screwed up my schedule and now I am scrambling/begging for someone to work for me on the weekend of my best friend's baby shower. I am also begging for someone to work the day of my best friend at works wedding. I am having no success.
-I haven't gotten to cuddle a baby in at least a month.
-I've hardly worked on my own unit due to low patient census. I miss feeling like an ICU nurse.

I am so thankful to have a full time job, to feel secure in my income. It doesn't mean that I am not affected by this recession. Nurses are being stretched, we don't have the resources and staffing that we did when I first started. I fear that my hospital will do another round of lay-offs and we will become even further stretched. Not to mention the stress of everything being about receiving reimbursement. Ugh.

What I am celebrating: My new knit headbands. In cream, grey and mustard yellow.

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