"If I didn't have You as my Guide...

...I'd still wander, lost in Sinai
Or down by the train tracks watching the trains go by
To remind me: there are places that aren't here.
And I had a well, but all the water left
and if there was no way into God, 
I would never have laid in the grave of a body for so long..."

So I am all moved in. Emphasis on the "I" since Ryan doesn't get home until the first week of October so only about 5% of his stuff is here. Stressful? Oh yes, the whole process was. The night before the move I got off work extremely late because I had a patient that was rapidly de-compensating. I worked from 645am until 9pm with one 20 minute break, came home and didn't have any dinner. I sobbed on the phone for about 10 minutes then got myself together and finished the bits of packing I still had left. Everything after that horrible day seemed to breeze by.

Keep your eyes peeled for a picture post of the new place! Don't be surprised if most of the pictures are of my rad new dining chairs

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