Dreams ---> Reality

I don't know if any of you remember this post or even this post but exactly four months ago I put in application to be a volunteer nurse with Operation Smile and have been waiting and waiting to hear back. Well, I finally got approved to work with them as a recovery nurse!!! Now I request up to three missions and hope that I get selected for one (they're only allowed to take a certain percentage of newbies). My choices:

Fes, Morocco (March 2011)

Amman, Jordan (March 2011)

Guwahati, India (February 2011)

(An OS patient on a past trip to Guwahati)

They form their teams 3-6 months before the missions so I could start hearing from them any time. If I don't get selected by December then I have to request three others. I'm sure getting on your first mission takes a while but I am willing to wait patiently!


  1. congrats! thats so awesome! praying you get to go on one fast!

  2. awesome!!!! if you get picked for jordan.. stop by lebanon and let my family feed you ! hahah but no really thats amazing ! keeping my fingers crossed for you <3