This is what happens...

... when Nathalie comes to play

Hating on my day time reading. Critical Care Nurse, so what if its not Vogue!

Black bean tamales. YUM.

Bruiser falls more and more in love every visit.

Can I also mention that we matched that day? We got a lot of stares at Dland which I'm pretty sure were due to our smoking good looks and not the fact that we're twentysomething and wearing matching clothes :/ 

We also need to take a second to talk about the Venomous Villains collection by M.A.C. I think I died when I saw the line. I need every nail polish, at least one lipstick and maybe some eye shadows. Guh. You can preview the line here. If you're a Disney fan like me then your wallet is probably trembling in fear right now. Good luck ladies. 


  1. bahahahaha next time i expect more reading material that doesn't involve iv's!!!

    and i totally loled at us matching that day! from head to toe. it was pretty awesome of us . and that disney trip was such a fail !

    i love our lady dates!

  2. you have the cutest little face :) and bruiser is so sweet! x