Fall Fashion Week- 10/31

The Head to Toe
Beanie: Gift from Urban
Top: Urban clearance
Watch: Thrifted and refurbished by me (FoxHoleJewelry)
Black Skinnies: Citizens
Boots (again!): Cathy Jean clearance
Pumpkin Patch: Tanaka Farms

It has been lovely, you all have been so sweet. I leave you with this and a well-wishing for a continued great fall right on into winter!


Fall Fashion Week- 10/30

Yesterday was my work's Halloween celebration for the patients! Did anyone watch Modern Family this week? If you did... I was definitely Mitch. This fact was pointed out to me by many of the older nurses,  and I was referred to as Spiderman all day. You need to watch the episode. Anywho, here is what fall fashion looks like in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit! 

The Head to Toe
Lacy bunny ears: Target
Face paint: smudged and ruined by 1020am!
Scrubs: T-shirt from F21 and bottoms by Dickies
Shoes: Patent leather Danskos

Anne loves Halloween as much as I do, we were the only two in our unit who dressed up! 


Fall Fashion Week- 10/29

This week has been so much fun! I have realized I wear a lot of black on bottom. So be it! Also, is anyone else glad to know that they're not the only one who relies on Target as the go to for clothes shopping?   

The Head to Toe
Knit headband: Random antique jewelry store
Tank: Rubbish
Sweater: Buffalo Exchange
Necklace (as seen on my blog button/header): Thrifted and refurbished by me (FoxHoleJewelry)
High-waist leggings: AA
Shoes: Toms


Fall Fashion Week- 10/28

The Head to Toe
Beanie: Hand me down
Romper/Jacket: Urban clearance
Necklace: Vintage locket. Refurbished and made into a necklace by me (FoxHoleJewelry)
Lacey tights: ? 
Boots: Cathy Jean
Beach: Laguna

For the people that have inquired about my tattoo that occasionally peeks out of my outfits: 

It is the life cycle of a flower done about 6 years ago (holy geez!) by Bill Kieffer at Eden Tattoo in San Diego, California. It is rarely shown. In fact, unless I'm in a bathing suit my tattoos don't really make appearances! 


Fall Fashion Week- 10/27

As I posted last week, fall fashion week is during a 50+ hour work week for me and since I am a nurse, I definitely didn't want to post what I'm wearing most of these days. Although, I will be sharing my halloween celebration work attire on Friday. Now you're on pins and needles, eh? But, I digress... the real disclaimer is that this is from last week when California  was in the midst of a rare thunder and lightening storm! Please excuse my horrid face, I was obviously being affected by the storm ;)

Waist Detail

The Head to Toe
Necklace: Gift
Dress: Little Birdies dress by Audrey
Sweater: Target
Sweater Tights: The Rack
Boots: Cathy Jean clearance
Awkward stance: Inherent

Outfit in action aka risking staining everything by eating at The Boiling Crab:


Two days of self-torture

So, I am in the process of studying to take my certification exam in pediatric critical care nursing. Let me just say that becoming certified is not a requirement but an expectation in my unit. The test costs a few hundred dollars, but is covered by the hospital so long as you pass on the first try (this is me sweating bullets.)

The last two days CHOC hosted a certification review course. Eight hours/day, unpaid. Meaning I worked  Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, had class yesterday and today, I work tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday. That is 112 hours (16 being unpaid) at CHOC! With only 4 days off in 14 (remember, I work 12 hour days!) YUCK!

What got me through:
Day 1:

Great minds think alike: Steph and I both brought home-baked pumpkin seeds

Day 2:

Becky and I rewarded our brains with dinner at the Tranquil Tea Lounge! 

Now to buck up and sign up for an actual test date!!

Btw, the exam is 125 questions. You need a 70% to pass. I got a 73% on the pre-test. So technically I should do even better after the review course, right? Only time will tell!

Fall Fashion Week- 10/26

The Head to Toe
Hat: Thrifted
Dress: Hand-me-down
Sweater: Nordstroms
Neckalce: ?- Probably F21
Sheer tights: AA
Flats: Rocket


Fall Fashion week!- 10/25

The Head to Toe
Headband/Dress: Target
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins purchased in Leeds, UK
Opaque tights: ?
Red leather flats: Steve Madden at The Rack
Curly locks: Infiniti curler!
Beach: San Clemente



Tuesday happenings

Its been a good week! Ryan and I found 2 toads, a praying mantis and a tree from all while walking around our new complex! 

Nathalie (check out her blog here) came out yesterday for a day packed with fun. As usual, we ate at The Wheel, came back to my place and hung out aka slept on the couch then went to Disneyland! Dland was a fail as usual lately! 

The only thing awesome about it was the new TRON set-up they have. It's basically a huge electronic dance party. Totally wasn't expecting it.

Here's a little preview of Tron alley. 


After that we headed to Santa Ana to hang out at The Crosby for Jason of To Die For's dj sesh. First, Starbucks! Which was free, by the way, thanks again to our good looks and accidental outfit matching. Unfortunately, I got caffeined. I ordered a decaf latte (which has minimal caffeine content) and it definitely was not decaf. I had a horrible run of anxiety and chest pain since my body is not used to caffeine at all! 

Then The Crosby! Amazing vegan chili and sweet potato fries!


My very first button!

I finally made a button, which you can see over there to your left. Please grab it, let me know and I will add yours now that I know how!

Created v3.0

The newest from FoxHoleJewelry

An antique store ring. I bought a new pearl and reset it myself

An antique store watch. It didn't work or fit when I bought it. I re-sized it and wore it not working for awhile. Don't judge me. I finally put a new battery in it and now it does its job!

Jesus pendant found at an antique swap meet. 

The chain I chose is SUPER long. I love it.

A new skeleton key. I have 3 more to work with. 

I hand made a rosary at someone's request. Now they've dropped off the face of the planet so it is up for grabs even though I hate to part with it. 

Vintage crucifix

Vintage centerpiece 

The Patron Saint of Travel. The person it was originally made for is a musician and travels all year. I thought this the most appropriate center. It says "Pray for Us"

My fingers were bruised and tender after making the rosary. It is one of my favorite things I have made though!