Fall Fashion Week- 10/30

Yesterday was my work's Halloween celebration for the patients! Did anyone watch Modern Family this week? If you did... I was definitely Mitch. This fact was pointed out to me by many of the older nurses,  and I was referred to as Spiderman all day. You need to watch the episode. Anywho, here is what fall fashion looks like in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit! 

The Head to Toe
Lacy bunny ears: Target
Face paint: smudged and ruined by 1020am!
Scrubs: T-shirt from F21 and bottoms by Dickies
Shoes: Patent leather Danskos

Anne loves Halloween as much as I do, we were the only two in our unit who dressed up! 


  1. haha You are sooo cute! Love those lacy little ears. And I love Modern Family. :] We record it every week.

  2. That is such a cute costume. I love those lacy ears!

  3. Kudos for dressing up! If I had anything to dress up for, I totally would have done it too. Costumes are fun!

  4. Love the bunny ears AND that you dressed up for the patients. I bet they were thrilled.

    You look too cute.
    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  5. Great costume! Very very fun!


  6. you are sooooo cute! they must love you.