Tuesday happenings

Its been a good week! Ryan and I found 2 toads, a praying mantis and a tree from all while walking around our new complex! 

Nathalie (check out her blog here) came out yesterday for a day packed with fun. As usual, we ate at The Wheel, came back to my place and hung out aka slept on the couch then went to Disneyland! Dland was a fail as usual lately! 

The only thing awesome about it was the new TRON set-up they have. It's basically a huge electronic dance party. Totally wasn't expecting it.

Here's a little preview of Tron alley. 


After that we headed to Santa Ana to hang out at The Crosby for Jason of To Die For's dj sesh. First, Starbucks! Which was free, by the way, thanks again to our good looks and accidental outfit matching. Unfortunately, I got caffeined. I ordered a decaf latte (which has minimal caffeine content) and it definitely was not decaf. I had a horrible run of anxiety and chest pain since my body is not used to caffeine at all! 

Then The Crosby! Amazing vegan chili and sweet potato fries!