Two days of self-torture

So, I am in the process of studying to take my certification exam in pediatric critical care nursing. Let me just say that becoming certified is not a requirement but an expectation in my unit. The test costs a few hundred dollars, but is covered by the hospital so long as you pass on the first try (this is me sweating bullets.)

The last two days CHOC hosted a certification review course. Eight hours/day, unpaid. Meaning I worked  Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, had class yesterday and today, I work tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday. That is 112 hours (16 being unpaid) at CHOC! With only 4 days off in 14 (remember, I work 12 hour days!) YUCK!

What got me through:
Day 1:

Great minds think alike: Steph and I both brought home-baked pumpkin seeds

Day 2:

Becky and I rewarded our brains with dinner at the Tranquil Tea Lounge! 

Now to buck up and sign up for an actual test date!!

Btw, the exam is 125 questions. You need a 70% to pass. I got a 73% on the pre-test. So technically I should do even better after the review course, right? Only time will tell!


  1. Good luck on your test! I am still trying to get INTO the nursing program. =D

  2. thanks for following Happy Owl! I am so glad you found me through Fall Fashion...
    my oldest friend's sister Kari, is a PICU nurse also...I actually think she works at CHOC in the OC too. Crazy if you knew her.