Blackberry photo dump

Because who doesn't like a little phone photo action?

I still wonder why I can't participate in this.

Riding down PCH on the bike

Little sister and I at my favorite tea place

Bruiser wondering why his dad is half missing on a t-shirt

Forever the best picture I've woken up to

Houston Lightyear

Cathryn's 'Where in the World is Ryan?" map


For my patient's 'heart attack' wall

Bruiser contemplating the meaning of life

Veggie Grill with Nathalie

No idea

Dog in a bag

Chicken riding a skateboard

At work. The force is strong at CHOC Children's.

CHOC Walk 2010 at Disneyland

This is what I get to wear when my patient is extremely critical and I have to go into the operating room to pick them up. 

Convertible dog

Vintage Union Worker's coat for $40

My little sister taught me to play the guitar! 

 Begging to go to the dog park step 1- Staring as closely as possible

Begging to go to the dog park step 2- Stand on my chest

Begging to go to the dog park step 3- Sulk

Lounging with Nathalie at The Tranquil Tea Lounge

Green tea anything is my vice

Samantha and baby Maddie came over for lunch

Bruiser's fall sweater

My February calendar 

This is how nurses draw names from a hat

Getting ready to make more rosaries

My first visa! The Indian Embassy is generously paying for all of our work visas!

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  1. i know where i want to go on wednesday now! it rhymes with shmeggie shrill !!! unless you want to go somewhere else . your the bday girl ! your day your way! hahah