Florence + The Machine

Monday night I travelled out to The Wiltern to see Florence + The Machine. First Anne and I met up at my favorite tea lounge in Fullerton and had a light dinner with some yummy tea. Nothing starts a night off better than some asian pear green tea :) We got to the parking garage in LA and they totally over sold spots. It was really sketchy! As we turned to the corner to walk to the venue the wind was absolutely insane!! I almost couldn't even walk against it, it was so strong. Once we got in and settled the direct support Group Love was playing. I actually really enjoyed them! Finally the wonderful Florence came on. She was amazing, her vocal abilities just blow me away. I would have to describe the performance is beautiful. Everything from the back drops to the lights to Florence herself was just aesthetically pleasing. There were a whole lot of awkward people as usual. The guy on drugs orchestrating the show, the lesbian couple with synchronized dance moves, the people in the back yelling for the people in the front to sit down, the girl next to Anne, the weed smoker behind us and the two girls next to me who looked tortured and bored the whole set. I got home soooo late but luckily Bruiser let me sleep in! We only snapped a few shots so here they are. You may recognize my outfit from fashion week, I wore it at Anne's request but switched it up by wearing my Steve Madden booties instead of the red flats!

"No more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone..."

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