A most interesting massage experience

My weekend started off really well and really awkwardly...

Friday I decided I couldn't take my sore shoulders and neck any more. My muscles get so tight that they are painfully tender and swollen and don't respond to ibuprofen or the at home boyfriend massage. So, I gave in and made an appointment for a Saturday morning massage at Massage Envy (The McDonalds of massage places.)

When the guy took me back to the room he asked me the usual questions then asked "How far are you?" To which I responded "Far from what? I just live up the street." He replied "No, how far along are you in your pregnancy?"

Ummm.... definitely not pregnant. At all. In any way. So I freaked out laughing asking if I accidently check marked that somewhere. But no, for some reason they had me down for a pregnancy massage!! After we cleared that up the massage got under way.

About half way through the massage therapist decided to put one knee on the table in order to apply more pressure to one of my horribly knotted muscles. Well, the table broke. I nearly got tossed off, naked except for my underwear in front of a complete stranger. I don't know who was more embarrassed! Then he tried to fix the leg while I was still on the table just lifting the table up and down. He finished the massage with a tilted table... all the while inquiring about every tattoo on my body. Tattoos that not very many people see. Awkward!

I honestly don't even care about any of that because I feel so much better. Today is the first day in some while that my shoulders and neck feel relaxed and pain free!

This week is going to be great! Work tomorrow, Lebanese food and downtown fullerton with Nathalie Tuesday, work wednesday, visits from Sam and baby Maddie then dinner followed by ornament shopping with Ryan's mom Thursday, studying on Friday!


  1. Oh my goodness...I have a gift card to that place & I have been a little hesitant to go...maybe I shouldn't! Haha just kidding. Sorry you had a weird experience, how awkward :/ But glad to hear you feel better! :) Guess I will use that gift card soon, I get sore shoulders every day too...

  2. i seriously laughed sooo out loud !! of course all of that would happen to you !!! bwhaha .. but i'm so excited to hang out tomorrow and (apply weird accent here) show you the eating ways of my countryyyy!