November goals

1) Make necklaces out of all the random pieces I have collected over the last 2 months

2) Make 2 more rosaries

3) Attend my favorite antique fair

4) Turn 25 

5) Consume at least one more vegan apple pie

6) Adopt another one of these little creatures

7) Manage to not contract anything from the contaminated needle I was stuck with today

8) Find the rest of the innards for my Christmas presents I am making for my family 

9) Enjoy fall and be thankful for my wonderful life :)

10) Be selected for a mission trip with Operation Smile... okay I know that this is out of my control but I would love if I had an answer either way by the end of November 

11) Dance and {quietly} sing my little heart out to Florence + The Machine next Monday

Do-able, eh?


  1. These are some pretty sweet goals. =D That is scary about the needle! I took a phleb class once, and I was always pretty paranoid about that.

  2. The Mission trip sounds like a great thing to be involved in! Good luck!

    And I'm pretty sure the Florence + the Machine album hasn't come out of the CD player in my car since I first played it! I'm jealous you'll see them live! Have fun!



  3. i'm an antique lover too :D can't wait to see what your necklaces look like.