The stuff stocking are made of

Ryan got home last night from Europe. Home, home. Like, home for a long time home. I got off work late last night and had to drive straight to LAX in my scrubs. Bum out. I looked like I had just come back from the dead while the other ladies looked cute n sexy. Oh well, Ryan didn't seem to care one bit.

This morning I danced for Ryan and Bruiser. I really did. I turned Florence and the Machine up really loud and danced all over the apartment. I was told I looked really "earthy" when I was dancing. I'm almost positive that's a compliment.

The rest of the day we spent gathering the the supplies for Christmas stocking making and then sewed away. I won't go into any more detail because I will be doing a guest post all about it over at Happy Owl for her 12 days of Christmas series!! I am excited to share with the blogosphere about what a fun time we have had making these.

I actually need to get back to work because I am in the middle of sewing on some bells!

I think I am finally enjoying November again!


  1. Can't wait to see your guest post on Erin's blog :) I will be doing a guest post for her too! :D
    Happy to hear your happy!

  2. That is awesome that he is home. I'm happy for you.:D And those stockings look really cute, I'm excited to see how they were made.

  3. ohh yeah!!! so excited. And I just figured out the other day that you and Jess (@JLYOUNGSMA) are pals, fun!! she is doing the 12 days post too. :) :)

  4. Yup, her hubby and my bf are in the same band :) They've spent more time together than they have with us over the last year!

  5. i love stockings! i need to make ours as well, we just put our christmas tree up and it's making me so ready for christmas.