Fever dream

I'm going to pull a Memento, an Irreversible if you will. Taking you backwards through the last 2 weeks and hoping it all makes sense in the end.

Last night Anne and I went and saw Iron and Wine play at The Wiltern in LA. Laura Marling opened up and we were both bummed because we only got to see about 5 of her songs. Thanks traffic. I am fairly short and usually have to stand in strange spots or right in the front of a venue to see the band. I do seem to always get stuck behind the person who probably has Marfan's syndrome and last night was no exception. I literally didn't even see his glorious beard until the last half of the set when Anne and I finagled our way to the front after begging a few security guards. He has an incredible voice and an awe inspiring beard. I hadn't seen him play in well over 5 years and back then it was just him and his guitar. Last night he had not only a regular full band but also background singers and wind instruments. To be honest, I love his new songs with the full band but to hear old acoustic songs with girls in the background basically going 'shoop doop' kind of threw me off. He ended with a almost completely a cappella version of Flightless Bird. It was goood.

The same Anne and I decided to go to Coachella this year. At least 6 other nurses I work with are also going. I don't think Palm Desert knows what it has gotten itself into.

I decided that perhaps Orange County is a little full of itself. I want to know where this poster got its info from. I highly doubt I actually live in 'the healthiest place on earth"

I drove up to Monterey to finally meet my 'nephew' Andinn. My best friend from college had her first son back in November and I am in love. I am so happy for my friends and this part of their life. A few years ago when Trav and Alexis were engaged and we were all roommates Alexis got a health scare. She came to a point where she may not have been able to have children if she didn't take the opportunity right then. She and I cried together and talked for a long time when the news came. She was ready to sacrifice a lot in order to start their family together, she so wanted to carry her own child. Luckily, the health issue passed and she and Trav waited and finished college, got married, moved back home to Monterey and bought a house together. Almost exactly one year ago Alexis had the same health scare. She called me sobbing, not knowing what to do. She, like most, worried they weren't ready to have kids but couldn't imagine not taking the opportunity before it was too late. I reminded her of the time in college, where they were in their life then. How they were ready to sacrifice everything to start a family together. Then I talked to her about where they were now. They owned a home, they both had careers and savings and so much family around. I told her we would all be so lucky if we were born into such stability. Even though they had that natural feeling of uncertainty, they were as ready as two people ever could be. Two months later I got a call that she was nearly two months pregnant. Fast forward to 10 days ago and I was holding my nephew. Alexis told me on that visit that our phone conversation is what made them go forward and do it. Literally. I have never seen two more natural parents. I am a proud 'auntie.' 

So, to connect the beginning of this long post to the end: For some reason when I hit the 101 just before Spreckles on my drives to Monterey I always feel compelled to put on Iron and Wine's "Our Endless Numbered Days." The cloud capped hills, endless wine vineyards and naked trees just call for simple, beautiful music much like the scenery. I think that's why I was semi-disappointed with last night's performance. There is something about acoustic guitar and meaningful lyrics that speaks to me more than the big band sound. I didn't really feel that nostalgia I expected, but such is life. I am sufficed with playing his old albums as I type :) 

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