My first step into the Lomo world

Today I treated myself to a little gift...

A Mini Diana lomography camera! I am so excited to shoot on an analogue camera! I love this little baby so much already. In a world of instant gratification, going back to film forces you to shoot spontaneously and takes away your ability to erase what you don't like. There's no re-do! I am currently working on my first roll of film to just get used to the camera, trying out different settings and whatnot. I am shooting my first roll in square format then the next I will try in split frame!

Taking this with me to India will hopefully help me capture some inspirational images!

Do any of you use a camera like this? What are some tips for us newbies? I honestly am not looking or expecting to turn into some exceptional photographer but wouldn't mind some tips and tricks! 


  1. aww wow, glad you went with the diana mini :) It's on my wishlist - maybe next christmas!

    I've had super fun with my Holga but ruined so many rolls of film! I'm deffo no expert but I'd take a few test rolls before you go, mess about with a few techniques and see what works :)

    Can't wait to see what you do with it!x

  2. i shoot w/ film and toy A LOT! you gotta expect mistakes. the one thing you gotta be aware of is parallax. what you see is not what you're going to get. (i cut off a ton of heads w/ my new diana. suck!) esp w/ a diana/holga/toy camera. also, if you're not going to use the flash, you'll need to shoot in bright daylight. unless you wanna do double/triple/etc. exposures! which can be fun too. :]