Opening a time capsule I may regret- Link up!

Last week a few twitter folk and I went crazy and started releasing photos of ourselves back in the days of myspace. I didn't want to hold out on the blog world, so here you go. Is this a bad idea? It might be, but I have no care ever! P.S. I would really love it if other people decided to open up their time capsules! Feel free to leave a link to your post!


Edited by random myspace friend

A classic

I may have been into desecrating strangers' lawn decorations. Completely sober.
Can we ignore that I'm sweating like a man?

Sidekick photos: so myspace age
In a box, in the back of Showcase Theatre.

Am I holding porn?! That looks like porn...

Mirror: check. Dressing room: check. Sidekick: check.

And for good measure:
Because who doesn't go to the gym in their 80s thong leotard?

This is just scratching the surface. I am not brave enough to put up some of them. Some things should just be forgotten about! 


  1. hahahah oh man we would have been myspace/sidekick best friends!!! at least we are friends now . and we are ladies! i may have to do a blog post on this as well!

  2. You definately had some great myspace pics!! So funny & cute!

  3. hi friend! sooo funny. if only i could remember my myspace password to get in to the old acct. :)