Slowly preparing

I'm finally starting to realize that the trip is getting close! Today I went and got *some* of the vaccines that the CDC recommends for where I am going. I made an appointment a month ago with the OC travel clinic and went to the appointment today. Little did I know that they only scheduled me to be seen by the nurse who gives the vaccines, not the Doctor who specializes in travel medicine! I am still in need of a prescription for antimalarial drugs and antibiotics. I did, however, get the polio booster, my last in the Hep A series since I don't have it documented that I finished it and typhoid. The typhoid thing is a bummer too because they couldn't give me the oral vaccine which is most effective, instead I had to get the shot! Oh well, I'm just going to have to be extra careful when I get there!

Preparing myself for two sore arms tomorrow :) 

I also started throwing random items in my luggage that I don't want to forget. As you can see, Bruiser has a hunch that something is going on. 

Note: I'd like to dream that I'll actually be taking that suitcase with me but it probably won't happen with me needing to bring 5 pairs of scrubs on top of clothes and other essentials. Oh well!

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