One on One

Yesterday Nathalie and I had one of our lovely lady dates. We switched up our usual routine (because we're wild!) and went to Pizza Fusion, Forever 21 and saw The Social Network. It was such a good day!

The pizza we got was vegan/gluten free and it was SO good. I am not a fan pizza normally because my stomach can't handle the grease & cheese and my mind can't handle the low quality meat. This vegan/gluten free version was hands down the best pizza I have ever had. We devoured it then split a black bean brownie. Yum! I love the feeling of being full without feeling sick to my stomach.

I haven't bought clothing from Forever 21 in a long time because I usually get too overwhelmed by the messiness and sheer amounts of clothing so I don't even go in. This location was so organized, I'm glad I went in because I actually found a few things! 

The Social Network was good too! Plus we only paid $3.50 for the tickets! It was a win-win! I <3 my lady dates with Nathalie! 


  1. yaya!! love my lady dates with you too! that day wa so fun!