Day 2- Getting to Guwahati

This morning we went back the airport and flew to Guwahati. I noticed on the first flight (to Delhi) that we flew at the highest altitude over Pakistan and on the second flight it looked like we didn’t fly over Bangladesh. Just a little observation, interesting right? This was all based off of the flight trajectory screen. Guwahati airport was more like what I was expecting but didn’t really differ too much from other very small airports I’ve been to. Getting off the plane here is when I started to realize where I was and what people had warned/talked to me about regarding India. Stray dogs everywhere, goats and cows walking in the middle of the road. The driving is extremely scary. I mean like people nearly getting hit, constant horn honking, swerving, being centimeters away from the cars next to or in front of you. Pedestrians definitely do not have the right of way. The first group of children I ever saw were naked, picking grasses on the side of the road. It hit me hard. Most homes are shanties. I haven’t seen many beggars or homeless yet but I wish I could convey the level of poverty. Most everything appears to be crumbling. There are no ‘nice’ or modern buildings here. A few places look like they started to build more advanced infrastructures but it all appears to have been abandoned. I have honestly never experienced anything like this. There’s no real way to describe it and pictures do not do it justice.

So, the smell. At some points the smell is so bad I get nauseous and my eyes burn then down the road it’s not as bad, and then comes the nausea again. The air is really thick and when I blow my nose at the end of the night there’s just layers of blackness. Kind of like after camping, but not dirt, just air pollution.

No stomach aches yet! I have been extremely cautious with what I eat and drink. I haven’t eaten any meat and only cooked veggies. A lot of naan and other breads, rices, beans, potatoes and even had a banana this morning! I have really been enjoying the food but I knew that wouldn’t be a problem! We get fed all the three meals! I am having to think really hard to remember not to brush my teeth with the tap water! I’m not even supposed to clean my toothbrush with it.

Update: Last night my roommate and I were sleeping and someone opened our hotel door. We had the chain lock on so they didn’t make it in but none the less opened it. We were both very freaked out! We decided to sleep with our bug spray, to be used as mace as needed. Haha.

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  1. Praying for you! Be safe out there! I'm looking forward to reading your journey!