I survived!

Hi there faithful friends! I have gone and come back and it was a whirlwind! I survived India and it changed me to the core. As a Abby would say, India is in my heart. Feel free to continue checking up on that blog as I continue a life of service abroad (hopefully). I am adjusting back to my little American life which I strangely didn't miss while I was gone. In fact, the only thing I missed was fresh salad!

go here for all my faves from my Diana Mini

I got super touristy at the end and had to get mendhi when it was offered

Also couldn't resist this pose

I made my fb album of pictures open to all (I think) so click here and here to enjoy those as you please!

When I got home after 20 hours of airtime I was a useless glob. I got lunch with my parents and asked the waiter for water when I basically already had water in my hand. I wanted to stay up all day but laid down for a nap at 2pm. I woke up at 10pm. Oops. The next day Ryan and I ran some errands then I slept a whole bunch again. Yesterday Nathalie and I ate at The Wheel, walked around the mall and came home and watched a really disturbing movie. It's a Joseph Gordon Levitt film called Mysterious Skin. It was hard to watch, so hard that I fell asleep. When I woke up Nathalie had left and I slept clear until 6am. Today I feel really good, like my body is finally adjusted! Woohoo! Victorrrrry! 

I will now spend the next week catching up on blogs, hope I didn't miss too much! 


  1. hahah ryan and i actually tried waking you up ex " EARTHQUAKEEEEEE".... , "kristin !! NOOOOOOOOOO wake up, NOT ON MY WATCH !!!

    we failed you . but at least you are feeling better. i on the other hand cant get that movie out of my head. so sad and disturbing . anyways i had fun, as always!

  2. Hi! I'm planning a trip to India next year and I really enjoyed your photos. Thanks for sharing! I found you through Sometimes Sweet. :)