Happiest of birthdays Ezra... and some Anne Frank

This week has been so wonderful! I worked on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday I volunteered to stay late since one of the night shift nurses was going to be late. I worked from 7am until almost 11pm!! It was the only time I've ever pulled a 16 hour shift and it went very smoothly I must say!

Friday 'morning' (I slept really late due to working so much in 2 days) I woke up and headed out to find sweet baby Ezra a present for his first birthday. I knew exactly where I wanted to look. There's this awesome store called Seed People's Market in The Camp. It has SO many hand made items and virtually everything you purchase goes towards some sort of organization. It feels kind of like an "as seen on etsy" store. Anyhow, as soon as I walked in I found what I wanted to get for Ezra!

It is a Kauzbot named Kalvin. Isn't he the cutest little thing? I hope Ezra loves him :) I also walked around and found the book in the picture. It is a terribly cute little story of a bear happening upon a child in the wild and trying to keep him as a pet! After I was done shopping around I ate at the yummy Native Foods next door. 

After eating I went across the street to check out Buffalo Exchange and the clearance rack at Urban. I found a nice little pair of summery shorts and a floral dress for only a few dollars! At Urban I found a pair of thigh-high socks for 2 dollars!

Saturday was jam packed with activities! I got another late start thanks to insomnia keeping me up until the wee hours of the morning. Ryan and I dazzled ourselves up then made the drive to Jess, Derek, Zoe and Ezra's new little home in Yucaipa! What a cute little house they have and what a fun party for the little man. We talked and I made my fantasy donut which was topped with Nutella! Ryan had 3 donuts at the party. On the way out we grabbed our parting gifts. We sat down in Ryan's truck, looked in the bag and found candy. Ryan immediately exclaimed "YES! I've been wanting something sweet!" I guess 3 sugary donuts just isn't enough for some men. Here's to the birthday boy:

(All photos by JLYoungsma)

(sugar high)

I'm sure Jess will have much better/more photos up on her blog soon! After the party Ryan and I drove straight to my parents' house to meet up with everyone for my sister's performance. My little sister has a passion for theatre and is so talented. She has been acting for quite some time now and does community and school shows. Her high school has an exceptional drama department and this year they have put on Bang! Bang! You're Dead (which I can't bring myself to watch because it's too close for comfort emotionally for me) and their big play The Diary of Anne Frank. My little sister played Anne Frank, a perfect role for her. Annie is tiny, smaller than me, so playing a 13 year old is no issue for her. Every time I see her on stage I well up with tears. She is so passionate and driven. She has taken on challenging roles and I hope that her talent takes her far in life. 

I can't wait to go visit college campuses with her next week. How can it be that she is all ready to go to college? She is looking at schools here in Orange County which means I will get to spend a lot more time with her, if she has time! In my ideal world she will come over at least once a week for dinner and laundry sessions. This may be a fantasy but starving and dirty college students can always be lured in with the promise of food and washing machines, right?! 

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  1. What a sweet weekend :). Ezra is srsly one of the cutest baby boys I have ever seen! So happy you had a fun filled weekend! <3