I love Toms shoes!

About 3 or so years ago I purchased my first pair of Toms shoes and I have never looked back! They are my go to shoe when I know I'll be walking around or on my feet all day. I would wear them to work if I was allowed, that's how comfy they are! I also have enjoyed continuing to support this company because they donate one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair that you purchase. Arielle over at A Beautiful Journey is hosting a shoe give away! I don't enter a lot of give aways but I couldn't pass this one up. I highly encourage you to enter, just look at it as a way to give a little pair of kicks to a child somewhere out there!

What is especially awesome is that apparently Arielle has actually been on a shoe drop off with Toms! Read about it in the entry blog here. It is really cool to read about someone getting to witness this companies' mission realized. I don't know about you, but I'm always skeptical about big companies' claims about doing good work in the world. So, to see this actually happen restores my faith in man a wee bit!

When I went to India I brought only two pairs of shoes. One for the hospital and the others were my Toms. That's how comfy and reliable they are. When I go back, they will be first on my packing list! Toms company should probably just personally give me a pair after this huge endorsement! Right? I think I'm going to e-mail them with a link ;)

Toms in Delhi 

The real moral of the story is that you should head over to A Beautiful Journey and enter the give away, especially if you've never owned your own pair!!

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