violet cities

I love that I have friends who work weird schedules like I do! It makes days like yesterday and today possible. Yesterday Nathalie and I hung out and ate some Veggie Grill then walked all around the Irvine Spectrum. We ran into my old roomie Hayley and shopped around Forever 21 with her. I, surprisingly, didn't purchase a single item beyond food! It's always nice hanging out with Nathalie, she manages to put up with me even with all my public shenanigans like dancing and crying.

Today was a day of total relaxation with Anne! I have recently discovered Groupon and today was the first day I actually took advantage of one of the deals! Anne and I were at work on Sunday when I got the e-mail offering a 1 hour Swedish massage and a 1 hour facial for a very reasonable price. I knew that this was just the deal for us!! So we quickly purchased the groupon and made our appointments. Neither of us had ever had facials, and I must say, I was pleased! It was just as relaxing as the massage itself. I even got an exfoliation with pumpkin enzyme and I wanted to lick it right off my face, it smelled so good. I had a very relaxing massage. It was the least awkward and disastrous one I have had in a while. After we finished at the spa I went to get my hair trimmed. All in all, I feel so relaxed and refreshed!

On a separate topic I did something really strange Thursday night! I woke up Friday morning to a missed call from the nurse I am precepting and a text message asking if I was okay from another nurse I work with. I was terribly confused, and the missed call and text all came in the 4am hour. I ended up looking at my call log and realizing that I called multiple people that I work with between 430 and 445am! How annoying am I?!?! I did it completely in my sleep too. My phone was in it's usual spot on my night stand when I woke up so I have no idea what happened. People are probably going to start asking me to remove their number from my phone!!

SOOOOOO relaxed!


  1. Love having girl days:-) I just had one with my BFF at the spa. Sooo relaxing and fun. Definitely good for the soul.

    P.S. Good job not buying anything at F21. I consider that a big accomplishment for myself too:-) xoxo

  2. that is so weird! I frequently have conversations with my boyfriend where he tells me stuff I've done or said in my sleep and I have absolutely no recollection of it! It's scary!x