Hello, my name is Exhaustion

Oh my gosh what a long week it has been. I wish I had time to blog and give a good update but I can't! Today I move out of my apartment. I have packed my life down to 2 bags. There is something so freeing about that.

I had my last day at my PICU last Thursday
The director of my unit found away to change my employment status so I will have a job when I return home. Praise!
I had a dinner with work folks to celebrate at the one and only Del Taco, totally by my choice.
I went to Coachella this past weekend. Standing up close for City and Colour, The National, Arcade Fire, Freelance Whales and dancing my heart out to Sleigh Bells, Chromeo, Mumford and Sons and who knows what else was so therapeutic for me. I stood at the very very front for The National and was by myself in that huge crowd, I pretty much almost cried because the lyrics to many of their songs are close to my heart. I listened to them endlessly while in India and during these past months as my life has been changing so much. (I'll post much more about this with pictures soon)
I slept 3 hours last night and this is my moving face:

In other news, my aunt found out this week that she has a tumor in her abdomen. I am flying to Missouri to be with her on Friday. She will have to have her right kidney removed. I can't wait to visit all of my family. I don't get out to Missouri too often so I will treasure this time. 

I'll be back with a real update soon! 

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