The most miniature/awesome blogger meet-up ever

My last day in Missouri went swimmingly if I do say so myself! I woke up this morning determined to get a hair trim, my last U.S. hair cut until the fall at least! I had asked Ali from Who Dee Who if she recommended any places in town and she sent me to the guy who does her hair at Moda. The salon was in downtown Springfield right next to a cutesy little coffee shop called the Mud House. Chad did a great job on my hair, my bangs are back in control and then I stopped and got a green chai from the coffee place. Yum! My uncle and I then stopped at The Cup, a cupcake bakery and got six different cupcakes to share with the family. I went for the classic red velvet. I headed over to my grandma’s for lunch followed by a nice sit on her porch in the perfect weather. My grandma’s dachshund, Beau, is a creature of habit. He has to have a ‘walk’ every afternoon. He mainly stays put in his doggie buggy, an idea which I thought was ridiculous at first. Through this week though, I realized that him wanting a ride in his buggy is many times the only long walking my grandma does in a day. SO, little Beau is keeping her active!

Next was the frosting on my cupcake! I was determined to visit the Red Velvet Shop while I was in town! I heard/discovered this little boutique through blogging back when they moved locations. I was so excited to finally be able to experience it myself. Ali and I had arranged a massive, two person blogger meet-up and shopped there together this afternoon! I am in L-O-V-E with their collection. It is perfect. I would probably be a weekly patron if I live in Springfield. We looked around and I found one shirt and a light knit sweater that will both be traveling with me to India. After I bought my clothes we indulged in the shoppe’s bubble tea. My cousin and I got watermelon and Ali got peach. They were delicious and refreshing on this Spring afternoon. Bonus: Ali astutely pointed out that Katie of Skunk Boy Creatures was sitting at one of the tables just creating away. We walked around a few more antique stores and perhaps most importantly, Jaqueline’s boutique which is next to Red Velvet. Jaqueline herself was working and she was a hoot. She is 69 going on 70 and will talk to you until you’ve gone deaf. We heard all about her 2 month sale that’s coming up this summer and perused pictures of her wearing ruffly leggings. I found a belt for 3 dollars! After this we parted ways and I headed to the airport. My trip here was tiring but just what I needed before moving. I haven’t been back to Missouri in years and I was long past over due. I am home in California until Monday then it’s India baby! 


  1. Haha, Missouri is so full of blogging celebs, especially the Springfield area. so glad i live here! :)
    xo Haley

  2. Hello! I just clicked on you from your blog friend Ali, and I've only just found her so I'm saying hi!

    I hate to comment on the amazing thought of ruffly leggings!! I think I want to make a pair, please tell me more!