Spring Break 2011!

A semi-misleading title

I don't get a spring break as is the case for most people out of school. However, I do usually get to have my little sister over on her spring break! We started off with shoe shopping for our bridesmaids dresses (our older sister gets married at the end of this month!) and eating fast food :x This is not a common occurrence for me but I am trying to gain some weight so I just went for it at Taco Bell.

This year is so different from all of the rest because Annie is a junior in high school and is starting to look at colleges! I am so excited for her and really looked forward to her break because it meant campus tours! She wants to major in screen acting and so we went to two schools in Orange County that have great theatre/acting programs.

The first was Chapman University, a very small private liberal arts school. I loved this campus. All freshman are guaranteed a spot  in the dorms, has about 4,000 students, it is very intimate and the screen acting/film department is mind blowing. I could definitely see her at Chapman! After that we toured California State University, Fullerton. This is the complete opposite of Chapman! It is a public University, commuter school with something like 30,000 students and very limited on campus housing. The school is huge and definitely has its perks also. The theatre department is very well known and respected in 'the industry' so it has the potential to create a lot of good connections.

In between visits we ate lunch at my favorite tea lounge and shopped a little at Buffalo Exchange. I just love my little sister so much and am thrilled at the thought of her moving into such an exciting part of life! By the way this is how we spent the rest of the time she was here:

A book review vlog is coming soon!

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  1. Love the last photo! I'm reading the Hunger Games series right now too! I can't put it down... well except right now while I'm reading blogs. :)