Memory Monday v4.0

Today's Memory Monday is short and sweet.

I flew few times when I was growing but often my dad travelled for business so I would find myself with my mom and sister's at the airport awaiting his departure or arrival. Those were the days where you could sit right at the gate and watch the planes through the glass. Even at a young age I dreamt of where all those planes were headed. I looked at the passengers and contemplated where they were in their life. Were they going on an amazing vacation? Maybe they were going to a funeral and this plane ride was painful. Could they be business men like my daddy, leaving their families for a bit but always making an exciting return? I worried about plane crashes and emergency evacuations. Many times my mind wandered to dark places, it was just my nature as a child. The wonderment of planes in the sky with endless amounts of destinations made trips to the airport exciting. Life could take you anywhere!

Today I am leaving for India on a big huge plane. Never when I was young did I imagine that I would be the adult in the airport leaving on such an exciting adventure. Teary goodbyes and anxiety are what I've been experiencing the last few days but shortly they will be replaced with welcome hellos and contentedness.

See you on the other side. 

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