Memory Monday v5.0

There are some things from childhood that your family just will never let you live down. I, in particular, have many of these instances. One of my favorite 'blackmail material' stories is partially shared with my older sister.

My grandparents came out to visit one summer when I was about 8 and my older sister 11. It was a southern California summer: hot, dry and worthy of a plastic pool. Do you remember those? We had the kind that was vinyl (and smelled oh so good fresh from the box,) the sides only stood up when filled with water and it was perfect for a most shallow dip. As grandma and grandpa visited with my parents and spent time with my little sister, who was an infant, Erin and I decided to go for a swim in the pool. Excitedly we set up our barbie tent right at the edge of the little pool and let our imaginations run wild. We were kids that played outside until dark and we had such good times living in our imaginations together growing up. In this particular instance the tent was our home and the pool our bath tub.

Let me break here to help you visualize our back yard situation at the time. We lived in a typical southern California home tract. The houses were close together and each neighbor had a two story home, putting the yard on display for anyone that cared to peer in. Our back fence was wrought iron, we had a large sliding glass door in addition to a large kitchen window that faced the yard. Essentially, anything that took place in that yard could be observed by a variety of folks. Go ahead, close your eyes and set the scene.

So, there we are two fairly old children playing house in our tent and little pool. Erin and I bathed together often, as many siblings do so the idea that came next didn't seem our of the ordinary. Seeing as that the pool was our 'bath tub' it didn't make much sense to 'bathe' with suits on, right? I clearly remember Erin stating to me "It's just like a real bath, but outside!" I actually felt that mom would be grateful for us getting ourselves 'clean' so that she wouldn't have to draw us a bath that night. So, at the convincing of my older and wiser sister, I stripped down and went for a skinny dip in the pool. Who really knows how long we were stark naked, but boy did I think it was the best feeling ever. Backyard bathing, no one could be too old! Next thing I know, I see my little grandma and grandpa at the sliding glass door, jaws about on the ground. Not only did we rarely see our grandparents but they were also rather conservative so I guess we, at 8 and 11, were a bit too old to be putting ourselves on display in front of them. My grandfather was especially embarrassed to have seen us in our most natural state. Sheepishly we threw on towels and my mom ushered us inside, wondering out loud what possessed us to swim naked in the backyard. Imaginary play was all we had to offer her. I don't think was a sufficient answer as whenever this story is brought up, it is never paired with a thank you for taking the burden of bathing us off of our mother. 

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  1. Sounds like perfect Kid Logic to me! My half sister did something similar last year - she was nine or ten, and she and my cousins were playing around with fake tattoos. She had put one on her chest and came running over to show us, lifting up her top, to the complete horror of my stepmum! But hey, the kids are the lucky ones right? They don't know any better and they don't have to care! Thanks for sharing these memories, they're a really nice way to "get to know" a blogger better :)