Sri Lanka Baby!

*I finally got to upload pictures!!!*

This past weekend I had the opportunity to fly to Sri Lanka so I took it! I know I just got here to India but I realized quite early that we work long hours most days of the week and to take time away when time away is presented to you. I actually bought  ticket then cancelled it then bought it again, that's how guilty I felt about going initially. I am glad I got over it because the weekend was amazing! I travelled with my flatmates Susie and Rosie, slightly in celebration of Rosie's birthday.

We flew into Colombo on a red eye flight and landed around 5am then went directly into a 3-4 hour drive to Ceylon. We had arranged a driver with the guest house we were staying at and he was so sweet. Not only did he wait hours for us as we missed one of our connections and landed late but he also invited us for breakfast. We arrived to his home and his wife had made a most delicious traditional Sri Lankan breakfast. It involved Indi Appas with what looked/tasted like dal and a coconut topping. It was SO good that I had seconds and even thirds. After we ate we arrived in Unawatuna and to our guest house. Immediately we threw on our bathing suits and headed to the beach which was about 50 yards away. I spent the whole day in the water or laying on the beach. For dinner we ate at a little place called Shekira, we had tuna and watched the boats sway in the harbor. It was slightly unreal in its beauty!

The next day I had banana pancakes (pancakes here are more like crepes, rolled up over a fresh banana), fresh fruit and Sri Lankan tea. Rosie and I then rented a scooter and drove around a bit then laid on the beach some more. I started a sun burn the previous day so I became very vigilant of putting on sun screen and decided to spend more time in the shade. We ate french fries, ice cream, iced coffee, grilled calamari, and sea food pasta throughout the day. I was in food heaven the whole weekend!! The three of us loaded on the scootie, shopped around Galle, and hiked down to Jungle Beach. We spent the evening in a bar that hung right over the ocean. Right as we were about to leave a group of six men walked up and insisted on buying us beers. As I don't often hang out at bars and I was feeling gross from my sun burn, I only hung around for a bit and I'm glad I stayed for a little. As turns out, these men are all employed by anti-pirate companies. They protect ships from pirates as the sail from Sri Lanka to Africa. What?!?! Pirate hunters? It was real though. I guess Sri Lanka is the best safe point so men that are too old for South African and British army are flown to Galle and then shipped out. So crazy!!

The last day it became really obvious that not only did I have the only bad sun burn I've ever had in my life but I had some slight facial swelling. I took it very easy and applied sun screen every 2 hours as well as really stayed in the shade again. I ate some more yummy breakfast, a grilled sandwich for lunch and yet more seafood pasta for dinner. I talked the night away with another British guy who was on his holiday. It started raining just before the three of us had to head back to Colombo airport. The driver picked us up at 2am and 3 hours later we were ready to leave. I got out of the van and Rosie suggested that I go look in a mirror. In her own words: "Kristin you know your face best. You should go look at it because it doesn't look right." She couldn't have been more right. The right side of my face was completely swollen. I didn't look like myself at all, I'm surprised the even believed my passport was mine. My nose and eye were the worst. I tried icing it and taking benadryl but nothing worked. We flew back home to Guwahati and went straight to a work meeting. Everyone made me painfully aware that I looked terrifying. I think a few people actually fled the room ;)

I think I am looking better as of this evening but I've also started myself on a course of Prednisone because I think this an allergic reaction to something. Yes, here in India you can just walk to the pharmacy and buy whatever drugs you please. So a short course of steroids it is.

Anyways, it is back to reality and the reality is that it is mission week! Today we screened patients. Then Friday starts seven surgery days! Ack!

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  1. it sounds like you had the most idyllic time :)

    sucks about your face though, hope it gets better soon!x