Wrapping up the May mission

Heading into the last of seven surgical days for the May mission at the Guwahati Cleft Care Center better known as GC4. We'll have performed a total of 175 surgeries by the end of today!! This mission went so smoothly and safely. We couldn't have planned for a better inaugural mission in our new center! We ran 6 tables simultaneously and utilized my pretty little recovery room to its max! Everything has held up very well and there are A LOT of happy patients and families. Tomorrow the international team will leave and we'll go back to our day to day work. Many fellow nurses have asked me if I can believe that the mission is already over and all I can think is, I live the mission baby! Seriously, I am can't believe I am staying here and continuing this work. I have some goals for education with the local staff and also for stepping up the discharge education for our daily kids. Seeing how organized and consistent the discharge teaching has been this week, I definitely feel that I personally could do a better job off the mission. I am hoping to get going with a standardized discharge teaching every morning, something I have seen lacking since I have been here. Discharge teaching is pertinent to the reduction of post-surgical complications and it is our job as the nurse to empower the patients and families to do their part. End rant.

Anyhow, we received our team t-shirts today! A lovely purple! GC4!!!

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