Gramp of Champs

This Grandfather/Grandmother team provided me with endless entertainment last week. It was just what I needed in the midst of such a long week. For starters, Grandma and Grandpa were the sole family members who made the journey here to Guwahati from their district. In talking with grandma we came to find that this was because she felt that the mother was incompetent! She couldn't be trusted to come to the center and watch the child through surgery so the only two people competent enough came: nana and papa. Of course this is all one sided, the poor mom wasn't here to defend herself from her mother in law but hey, all that matters is that the child received surgery. The grandparents were both so great with the baby and it was obvious that they were the number one care takers. 

This brings me to Gramps. The above picture makes him look way more serious than he is. He was smiling, laughing and namaste-ing left and right. He was SO happy. He was also SO tricky. We have a policy that only one family member can sleep overnight. All of the rest of the family (and I mean ALL OF THE FAMILY) is provided shelter down the road. The families tend to come in masses together, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, grandparents, all 3 siblings and the friend down the road come on the trip and we can't possibly have them all in our cramped ward. Anyways, I digress. Grandpa was made aware of this policy and he approached both myself and the other international nurse regarding this matter. He explained to each of us that he was VERY small and that he doesn't take up much room. He then proceeded to curl up into a ball to visually prove how tiny he is. He said he would sleep in this little ball at the foot of the bed and that we'd never know he was there. He laughed, pulled his knees to his chest and re-iterated that he was sooo small. He also explained that he and grandma were very old and that they needed to be able to help each other with the baby. I have a feeling they would get along just fine though ;) I just couldn't resist his charm and visual presentation so we gave in and let him stay over night.  He was so convincing. He gave me a good laugh and I just had to share a little about him! 

We performed 74 surgeries from last Monday to today. I am so tired! We now have 5 days off, of which I'm on call for the first 2 1/2. Lets pray that we have no post-surgical complications or patients that come back! 

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