The HRC and NYC

I was going to post today about how losing my ipod forced me to start experiencing life but then I got an email from The Human Rights Campaign that I feel is more important.

I have chills completely covering my body right now despite sitting in a room that is at least 90 degrees. Wait for it, yup now I'm welling up with tears! Here it is people:

{via HRC}

The e-mail from the HRC made me aware that marriage equality will soon be a law in New York!!!!! I can't even type out how much this much joy this fills me with. New York is the largest state yet to pass a bill allowing same sex marriage, this a huge victory. So many loving and committed relationships will now be recognized legally and I hope that New York will continue to lead the way for other states.

I have been reading/following this journey with NY via HRC e-mail updates and HuffPost so I knew the news would be coming soon but man, what a joyful way to kick this day off. I can't stop crying, this is so huge. I have reflected a lot on why this issue is so close to my heart and gets me so emotional because I do not identify as LGBT nor does anyone in family or even my closest friends. I guess it just comes down to knowing deep within myself that you do not have to be LGBT to support their rights as human beings. I was raised in a household that truly taught me to treat every one equally and to love endlessly. I wish I could hug every LGBT person in NY right now and tell them congratulations.

New York's senate has a Republican majority so for this to happen, it required some Republican senators to vote against the usual party line. From what I have been reading those who did felt that in the last few years they have come to realize and accept that a marriage recognized by law is a basic human right in the United States. With that being said, I also acknowledge that every state has it's right to determine its laws and that some states may not be ready to jump on the HRC bandwagon. It is still a long battle ahead but to New York from all the way over here in India:

Congratulations. It is a double rainbow all the way in my book. Way to go!

*If you want to know where your state stands on the LGBT rights front click here and select your location!

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  1. I saw it on twitter when I woke up - yayyyy! :) x