A month?!

Folks, I have been here for a month already. Time flies! This month we operated on over 250 patients! What a way to start off at the center. This week we had three surgical days and on all of those days we also did the one week post-operative checks for the mission week patients. These kids (and some adults) looked amazing. As the nurses, we cleaned the patients' lips and palates before they had their pictures taken and were seen by the doctor. Here is one of our amazing local nurses doing work:

I thought you guys might enjoy seeing Lohki at his one week check

Seriously?! How amazing is that kid? Another thing I enjoyed this week was having child life set up camp in the recovery room for one day (long story.) This mom and son were all tuckered out and to me, sleep is the perfect way to forget that you're not being allowed to eat in preparation for surgery. 

Then there is this view from the PACU windows at sunset 

We ended the week by having BLS training for the staff. Everyone did a fantastic job and I believe everyone passed. The next step in advanced life support training! Now it's time to head into a 6 day surgical week, so I am resting up as much as possible. I may stop by tonight for just a bit to make sure everyone is ready to go for tomorrow then it's an early bed time for me, I hope. 

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